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  1. Registered & Protected

  2. Your comments and pictures are awesome and beautiful Jodi. Lots of Love Olive

  3. Thanks for sharing these snaps and your time with a couple that mean a lot to me too. Love Olive

  4. You take the most beautiful pictures Jodi

  5. Thank you:)

  6. Thanks Jodianne for sharing these pic with
    me. Your Mother was very dear to me too. I have a picture of her and Jennelle
    in a frame in the bedroom that I use as my
    dressing room.It is a picture Charles took at Duncan the year you got married.
    I’m trying to get packed to go to BC in
    the morning. Wish we were going to see you too. Lots of Love Olive

  7. Thats a beautiful flower even with the
    missing patals. Nice when we could be beautiful even if we aren’t perfect eh.
    Some of Charles relatives are coming next
    week including Verna and Sharon Nesvog.
    We are taking them on a tour of Ontario
    to see the leaves. We end up at Kens where there is a ‘Bash’ planned for Charles’ 85 Birthday. Wish you could join us. Sarah our oldest granddaughter
    is 21 to-day and leaves for a year of
    university in Paris France on Saturday.
    Lots of Love to you both Charles and Olive

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